Tikkurila privacy policy

Tikkurila Privacy Policy

Date: 8.1.2021

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide You with information on how Your personal data is processed in Tikkurila. We are committed to respecting the privacy and to following the laws and regulations applicable to personal data, such as the European General Data Processing Regulation (2016/679).

This Privacy Policy applies to the processing activities of Tikkurila Group companies in the EU with respect to following personal data:

  • the personal data of customers, potential customers and /or business partners’ contact persons
  • the personal data of the visitors of our brand websites


1. The Data Controller

The data controller with respect to abovementioned data is Tikkurila Oyj (address Heidehofintie 2, 01300 Vantaa).

In some cases, other Tikkurila companies may act as the data controller independently or together with Tikkurila Oyj. In this case the similar privacy principles as stated in this Policy apply.

2. Contact Information

You can send any questions, requests, inquiries and feedback related to processing of personal data to the following email address: dataprotection(at)

3. The Purpose for Processing Customers’, Potential Customers’ and Contact Persons’ Personal Data and Legal Grounds for Processing

Tikkurila is processing customers’ and/or their contact persons’ personal data to take care of the business related sales and marketing activities regarding Tikkurila’s operations.

The purpose of the processing personal data is to:

    • manage customer, supplier and business partner relations as well as to fulfill Tikkurila’s rights and obligations related to business relations
    • enable communication with You or the entity You represent
    • gather feedback about Tikkurila
    • improve the quality and selection of Tikkurila’s products and to develop internal processes and business activities
    • improve customers knowledge and awareness of our products
    • to provide customer service, support and training
    • follow our offering activities
    • invite potential customers to our events
    • support our sales
    • advertise and market our products


    • to maintain and develop Tikkurila websites
    • to provide with a better user experience on the website
    • to provide background information to ourselves for the purposes mentioned above by analyzing the data.

Tikkurila is committed to ensuring that there is always a legal basis for processing the personal data. The processing is based on some of the following legal grounds:

  • the performance of a contract between Tikkurila and the customer, supplier or another business partner whom You represent as well as taking steps prior to entering into a contract
  • Tikkurila’s legitimate interest to manage its business or stakeholder relations
  • Your consent as the data subject or
  • obligation stated in applicable legislation.

4. Collected Personal Data

The personal data, which is collected by Tikkurila, may, inter alia, include the following kind of data as well as changes to those:

- first name, sure name, title, duty and/or other work related information, customer profile/type, phone number, email address, mail address, age range, gender, name of the company the You represent

- information related to the business relationship between Tikkurila and You or the company You represent, such as communications and transactions between Tikkurila and You / company You represent, feedback and inquiries to Tikkurila, information on the attendance in Tikkurila’s events and business meetings etc.

- recordings of customer service telephone conversations as well as e-mail and chat correspondence

- personal data gathered through our webshops, such as purchase history, data related to billing, deliveries, returns and payments

- information submitted by You to us when using our digital services, such as usernames and passwords, photos or other content or information submitted by You

- information on the use of the website, such as data collected by the cookies and other website technology we use. This includes but is not limited to the IP address, sites You have visited, links You have clicked and material You have requested from us and material that you’ve submitted to out digital services. Please see further information in our Cookies Policy.

5. Cookies

Tikkurila’s websites use cookies. Cookies are small files that are sent to a user’s device from a website and saved in the user’s browser while he/she is browsing the website. When the user return to the same website again, the data saved in the cookie can be retrieved by the website in order to notify the website of the previous activities of the user on the website.

When visiting Tikkurila’s websites, a cookie will be placed on Your device in order to facilitate the use of our websites. You can disable the use of cookies by changing browser settings, but this may delay the operation of Tikkurila website and even prevent access to some parts of it or render some of the website’s functions unusable.

6. Online Marketing and Marketing Automation

Tikkurila may use partner services to provide targeted online advertising. The service providers may add cookies or tracing elements to collect data regarding Your online visits in order to target Tikkurila communication to You.


The marketing automation and remarketing tools employed by Tikkurila use third-party cookies. When a user visits our site, the browser will receive a unique identifier regarding the visit. If the user discloses personal data, for example, by filling out a contact form or clicking links in e-mail messages sent by Tikkurila, the unique identifier may be associated with the personal data disclosed by the user.

See more information on our Cookie Policy below.


7. Regular Sources of Information

Main part of the information is collected from the Yourself directly or from the company that You represent. Personal data can also be collected from third parties, like organizations which organize different kind of construction or paint related events or activities. Information may also be collected by using the cookies on our website.

8. Regular Transfers of Data and Transfers of Data to Countries Outside European Union or European Economic Area

Tikkurila uses external services providers for processing personal data on behalf of Tikkurila for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy. Tikkurila ensures that outsourcing takes place within the rules of the applicable law. The service providers are only allowed to use personal data to provide agreed service to Tikkurila and according to the terms and conditions agreed with Tikkurila.

When processing Your personal data Tikkurila is using service providers, servers and resources located in various countries. To some extent the data will also be transferred to other companies belonging to Tikkurila Group. Tikkurila will transfer Your data also to countries outside of EU and EEA where the legislation regarding privacy is different from the European laws. Tikkurila will ensure that there are legal grounds for transferring the data and that the data is protected according to the applicable law, especially by using the model contracts of EU Commission concerning data transfer.

We may also transfer Your data to third parties in the rare cases where a transfer would be required by law or would be necessary for Tikkurila’s legitimate interest.

9. Storage Time of Personal Data

Personal data will be stored for as long as needed taking account the business needs of Tikkurila, mainly three (3) years after the last active business event between Tikkurila and You or the entity You represent. Information may also be stored longer, for instance when it’s an integral part of the business documentation between Tikkurila and the company You represent or when we need to keep personal data for the time required by bookkeeping legislation.  You may at any time request Tikkurila not to process Your personal data in which case Tikkurila will evaluate whether data must be removed or whether there still is legal grounds for processing it. 

10. Data Protection Principles

Tikkurila will ensure the data security of collected data by using adequate technical and organizational measures.

Only authorized representatives of Tikkurila and authorized external service providers working on behalf of Tikkurila have the right to process personal data. Tikkurila has given limited access to data only to those persons who need to have the access. The system is protected according to Tikkurila’s Information Security Policy.

11. Your Rights Concerning Personal Data

You have the right to ask for a copy of the personal data concerning Yourself in the register. The request, as well as any other request related to Your personal data, needs to be made in writing to the contact information email mentioned in this Privacy Policy or through the enclosed form.

You have also the right to prohibit Tikkurila from processing personal data in case there are no legal grounds for processing and a right to ask Tikkurila to restrict processing the data.

Additionally, You have the right to ask Tikkurila to rectify incorrect data concerning Yourself. The request for the abovementioned matters shall be made to the contact information email mentioned above.

In case the processing is based on Your consent, You may withdraw the consent at any time by making a request to Tikkurila thereof.

You have also a right to make a claim to the data protection authority concerning the processing of personal data.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Tikkurila is entitled, from time to time, change the information in this Privacy Policy as well as its practice to handle its customers’ personal data.


Policy Related to Cookies and Other Similar Technologies 

1.  What is the scope of this Policy?

This Policy covers Your actions related to Tikkurila’s digital services. This Policy does not cover situations where You give information to companies other than Tikkurila, such as

  • when You go to a non-Tikkurila Website from one of our Websites or Mobile Applications (for example by clicking on a link or an advertisement); or
  • when You use non-Tikkurila products (such as wireless devices and internet browsers) in combination with Tikkurila services.

Your information can be covered by this Policy and other privacy and cookie policies at the same time. For example, if You connect to Tikkurila’s services through a WiFi network provided in a hotel or other venue, any information collected from Your use of that network could be subject to the venue policy.

2.  What Do We Mean with Certain Definitions?

  • Cookies are small data files. Websites place them in Your browser to recognize Your device when You return to that site or when You visit other sites. Cookies do not move around by themselves in the internet; they are transferred to the user's browser from the server providing the Website visited by that user. Only the server which sent the Cookie can later read or use the same Cookie.
  • Flash Cookies can store more complex data than regular Cookies. They are used to remember Your settings, preferences and other similar services.
  • Widget is a small program or application that can be embedded in a web page. It can provide real-time information, such as weather reports. Widgets are often provided by a third party and allow them to collect data about users viewing that page.
  • Server Log records Your web activity by Your computer or device and plays a key role in improving Website and Mobile Application performance and introducing new features. For example, it may record which search terms You’ve entered. It may also record Your browser information, such as Your IP address, device type, how long You spend on a Website, and Your browser's Cookies.
  • Web Beacons are small graphic images on a Website or in an e-mail. They can be used for things like recording the pages and advertisements that You click on or tracking how well an e-mail marketing campaign performs.
  • Some Websites have social network or other third-party Plug-ins. These Plug-ins may provide information back to those Websites, even if You don't click on or interact with the Plug-in. It may also apply even if You don’t have an account with the service provider of that Website. Social networks or third parties may use an identifier when transmitting from Your browser. This might include information for example about Your browser type, device type, IP address and the URL of the Website where the plug-in appears. If You use social networking services, we recommend You to familiarize Yourself with their privacy policies.
  • Personal Data is information that identifies or reasonably can be used to identify You.
  • Anonymous Data is information that doesn’t identify You and can't reasonably be used to identify You.
  • Aggregate Data is created when a large amount of people’s data is processed and combined into anonymous groups or categories. Aggregate information would disclose for example that x percent of a marketing e-mail’s recipients browsed Tikkurila’s campaign site, but not who actually were the users. 
  • Mobile Application is a software application that runs on smartphones, tablet computers or other mobile devices and that allows users to access certain services.
  • Website is any page or location on the Internet, no matter what device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.) or protocol (http, ftp or other) is used to access the page or location.
  • Relevant Advertising is advertising in which Tikkurila uses Aggregate Data about groups of people (like age, where those groups live, and their interests) to develop advertising that is more likely to be useful and relevant to that group. It does not use individual data about what a specific person might like. "Online behavioral advertising" is one type of Relevant Advertising, using interest categories based on the Websites visited by groups of people to deliver advertising online.

3.  For What Purposes Do We Use Cookies and Other Similar Technologies?

Tikkurila uses Cookies and other similar technologies for the following purposes:

  • to provide services and improve Your use and/or customer experience;
  • to deliver Relevant Advertising to You; 
  • to do research and analysis to maintain, protect, develop and improve Tikkurila’s services; and 
  • to address network integrity and security issues.

Tikkurila uses the following different types of cookies: functional Cookies, statistical and analytical Cookies for product development, advertisement reporting Cookies and digital advertising targeting Cookies. These cookies might either be temporary (in other words session based) cookies or permanent cookies.  

The use of Cookies and other similar technologies can enable a more seamless user experience. Disabling Cookies may prevent You entirely or partially from using specific features on some of our Websites and Mobile Applications.

We may use information like the preferences You have expressed, to provide You with advertisements for Tikkurila products and services. Those ads may be delivered on Tikkurila Websites and Mobile Applications and is called "first party" advertising. It is part of our service relationship and, thus, You are not able to opt-out from this type of advertising.

We or our advertising partners may also use Anonymous Data and Aggregate Data that either of us may have to help us tailor the ads You see on non-Tikkurila sites. For example, if You see an ad from us on a non-Tikkurila decoration-related website, You may later receive an ad for decoration materials delivered by Tikkurila on a different website. This is called "online behavioral advertising".

We may also use information we get through Your use of Tikkurila products and services, from our advertising partners, and information like Your gender and age to deliver Relevant Advertising that is not online behavioral advertising. We combine Your anonymous information with that of other users into aggregate audience segments. These segments are based on specific interests and/or factual characteristics that members in that audience segment are likely to share. Tikkurila might use that information to send You advertisements that we consider relevant to those interests or characteristics. Our aim is to create aggregate audience segments that are large enough that You can't be identified individually.

4.  What Information Do We Collect and How?

We may collect different types of information based on Your use of Tikkurila products and services. We may collect technical and usage information related to the services we provide to You, including information about how You use our services, products, Websites and Mobile Applications, such as:

  • equipment information (for example equipment type, device IDs, serial numbers, settings and software);
  • web browsing and mobile application information such as IP addresses and URLs; we also learn about the pages You visit, the time You spend, the links or advertisements You see and follow, the search terms You enter, how often You open an application and other similar information.

We collect information in many different ways, such as:

  • we automatically collect information when You use our products and services (for example by using Cookies, web Server Logs and other technologies);
  • we obtain information from outside sources like commercially available demographic data.

5.  Where Do We Get Anonymous Data and Aggregate Data, How Do We Use and Share It?

When we collect information that identifies You personally, we may anonymize it for certain purposes. We remove data fields (such as name and address) that can reasonably be used to identify You. We also use a variety of statistical techniques to anonymize data.

Aggregate Data is a form of Anonymous Data. We combine data that meet certain criteria into anonymous groups. For example, in order to compare customer behavior in different geographical areas, we could combine customer data in each of the geographies into anonymous groups and look at that aggregate data to understand how the two groups are different.

We may share Anonymous Data and Aggregate Data with other companies and entities for specific uses. We do not knowingly allow other parties to collect personally identifiable information about Your online activities when You use Tikkurila Websites, Mobile Applications, products and services.

6.  Can You Make Choices as Regards Advertising Directed to You?

In connection with accessing Tikkurila websites, we ask Your permission for the use of the cookies, apart from so called necessary cookies. Also after having given a consent to the use of non-necessary cookies, You can choose not to receive some types of advertising online or on Your mobile device. When You see online ads for Tikkurila products and services that display a cookie-related icon, click it and You will get information on how to opt-out from so called re-targeting based on online behavioral advertising. You'll need to opt-out on each separate browser You want to exclude.

Because so called first party advertising is part of the service You receive when You visit Tikkurila Websites and use Tikkurila Mobile Applications, we don't offer an opt-out for first party advertising.

Cookies or other similar technologies do not harm the user's terminal or files, nor can they be used to run programs or spread malware.

7.  Can This Policy Be Changed?

Tikkurila may from time to time change this Policy. However, if this Policy is changed in a material, adverse way, Tikkurila will post a notice advising of such change on Tikkurila’s home page for 30 days. Tikkurila recommends You to re-visit this Policy from time to time to notice any such changes.

8.  How to Contact Us About This Policy

We encourage You to contact us for any questions about this Policy:

Tikkurila Oyj (hereinafter called Tikkurila)
Heidehofintie 2, 01300 Vantaa, Finland
Tel:          +358 20 191 2000


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